‘Hands on Design’ |8th Triennial for Design
Sa, 19/11/2016 - Di, 05/03/2017

The chemistry between the maker, the designer and the company.
‘Hands on Design’ showcases design that is inspired and produced thanks to the innovative power of traditional methods and craftsmanship. Discover that chemistry this autumn in Design museum Gent.

From 19 November 2016 until 5 March 2017, ‘Hands on Design’ will show a superb selection of contemporary and historic design products, which are perfect examples of outstanding craftsmanship and the master’s touch. As a user, you can feel the difference between a store-bought kitchen knife or chair and a hand-made knife or chair, but sometimes it is difficult to pinpoint that difference. ‘Hands on Design’ reveals this invisible added value, the influence of the master’s touch and craftsmanship. Stroll through the maker’s house, his workshop and design studio. Take a closer look at his drawings and computer models. Learn about prototypes, materials and tools. Discover the human touch in familiar and brand-new utensils. Learn how designers, makers and companies push back boundaries and find new applications for centuries-old techniques. By processing familiar materials such as stone, wood, glass, leather, bronze in new and different ways.

Generation interviews - 16 novembre 2016 - 5 mars 2017

Armed with passion, enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit, students go to work with camera and microphone. From their architectural education, they bring duo interviews, wherein a younger generation of practice teachers talk to their heroes from the recent past. What were the challenges and key concepts within design in the 70s and 80s and how they differ from today? What is the influence of the architectural discourse and its crystallisation through various professional practices on education? And is that different from the past? From the 'Lichtbed' by 51N4E and Chevalier-Masson you can watch duo conversations between Jan De Vylder and Jos Van Driessche, Mira Sanders and Paul Gees, Charles Wuytack and Johan Van Geluwe, Koen Deprez and Luc Deleu, Wim Van der Vurst and Claire Bataille, and finally between Day Boutsen and Lucien Kroll.

In collaboration with Archipel, studio Fragile and KU Leuven





Plus d'infos: www.designmuseumgent.be/en/events/hands-on-design


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